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Exhibitions 2014

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The feature exhibitions of the year focus on sculptures. The exhibitions present the museum’s large collection of works by the renowned Danish sculptor Viggo Jarl as well as older and newer glass sculptures by four of Denmark’s best glass artists.

Bronze sculptures

As you drive up to Hempel’s Glass Museum, you see large bronze figures standing on their plinths surrounded by green shrubbery. The sculptures are created by the sculptor Viggo Jarl (1879-1965), who also created monumental works for the Marble Church in Copenhagen.

Thanks to the friendship between J.C. Hempel and Viggo Jarl, the Hempel Glass Museum owns the largest collection of Jarl’s works, including figures placed in the outdoors and a larger collection of busts and small sculptures. For the first time, the exhibition features this significant sculptor’s life and works in a broader context.

Glass sculptures

The Hempel Glass Museum introduces new angles to the art of glass every year. This year, the museum has invited three Danish glass artists, who have explored glass sculpting through a series of important works over a longer time period, where they have made great efforts to illustrate how glass can be used as a material in an artistic process.

The three glass artists are Per-René Larsen, Torben Jørgensen and Stig Persson. Their works are supplemented by another important glass artist: the late Bente Bonné (1929-96), who created free sculptures and expressive works during the last twenty years of her life.

Exhibitions 2015


The company Hempel celebrates its 100-year anniversary in 2015. That same year, it will be 50 years since the Hempel Glass Museum was established by J.C. Hempel as a home for his significant collection of international glass art.

This double anniversary calls for the creation of an exhibition showing the connection between the global company and international glass art, which was a passion of the founder.

The anniversary will be celebrated by the Hempel Glass Museum with an impressive presentation of magnificent works by some of the world’s most revolutionary glass artists - works that have never before been seen in Denmark.

The title of the exhibition is COLOURS, which is of course a throwback to the company Hempel’s colourful universe.







Viggo Jarl




Glass event in July and August 2014

Hempel's Glass Prize recipient 2014, Marie Retpen

Viggo Jarl

Exhibition 2014


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